Let it Go

With our due dating being tomorrow there are a lot of things that I have to let go of, the big one being that we are not having a baby this week. We have dubbed tomorrow "sad day" and Jonah knows that the baby was suppose to come tomorrow but she is not therefore mommy and daddy might be a little extra sad.

Although I have to let go of that and many other things, I do not have to let go of my current deal addiction. My dear husband says that I do when I say things such as "I just can't get these cookie coupons to print" or "If I could just get this deal worked out then I will make 1.25 at CVS".

I might sound crazy but it is a worth wild distraction for me right now. I end up with a little extra leftover in my budget and a lot more things in my cabinet. I'm not going to say that all of them are useful, but I will say that most of them are! Did I mention that this was a good distraction for me?

Fabulous deal that I got at CVS this morning:

I spent $1.60 (over 2 transactions) out of pocket (it would have been less but my total was in the negative and the cashier did not know how to adjust down a coupon, so I just had Jonah pick out a pack of gum).

I got:
2 oral B toothbrushes
2 tubes of Crest
1 tube of Colgate
2 bags of Chex Mix
1 bottle of Dawn
4 Cover Girl products
1 children's advil
1 bottle hand sanitizer (on J's school list)
1 bar of soap
and a pack of gum (missing from picture)
I used 12 coupons and $7 in EBCs (Extra Care Bucks) and got 7.29 back in EBCs.

This ended up being a random blog post, but pray that we can get through tomorrow and the weeks to come. I doubt the sweetest of deals will make tomorrow any easier. But I might go to Walgreens and give it a try.


Sara said...

I am very impressed with your deal making skills! Perhaps you should go on Deal or no Deal!

We will be praying extra this week. I am especially praying for an extra blessing tomorrow (even if it comes from Walgreens)!

pastorwick said...

I'm a fan of any deal that includes Chex Mix. Love you guys...prayin'.

Lisa said...

I am praying for you guys today.

Shelly said...

You are such a ROCKSTAR!

Wish you still lived here so you could show me how you do your bargain shopping!

Prayin' for ya today.

Holly said...

I have heard awesome bargain rumors about CVS but we still don't have a single one...but we have 10000000s of Walgreens and there's still more coming! I don't want to complain about Walgreens cuz I get good deals and give to the needy what I will not use, but still...it does not compare to CVS deals!

I'm sorry about tomorrow's tears.

Claudia said...

still praying for you.....you need to come visit me (to distract you better).....i have at least $10 ECB burning a hole in my pocket! "i love CVS!" rock on, Jonah