THE Driver's Test

I've heard that most women, by the time they are 30, either have learned to parallel park or have learned to avoid it. I have gone with the second option and have been pretty successful, until this week.

Jonah's school doesn't really have a drive-by and drop-off line, but instead a parking line. There is actually 2 parking lines, one on each side of the street leaving little room to maneuver between them.

I think along with back-to-school shopping and dentist and doctor's appointments we should have to make a trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles when we first send a kiddo off to school. A special course should be given to show us mom's of kindergartners how to safely parallel park while trying to:

stay out of the way of the other mommy's who are trying to do the same (and half of them have had my "avoid" it policy)

help our kid find their name tag and adhere to to their shirt so that it is not covering up any part of Superman

not fall into a steep ditch or block someones driveway

not hit the 5th grade crossing guards who are conversing in the middle of the road

Maybe I should break out my copy of the Rules of the Road before pick-up time.


Gretchen Magruder said...

I'm with's the most stressful part of my day....dropping off the girls at school means waiting in a line that seems to split as we get close to the door and some cars just keep driving, while others stop and let kids out....but the kids have to be ready to jump out of the car as soon as we stop, because the other cars get a little cranky if you say too many goodbyes or give other last words...and the crossing guards are waving you to merge back in with those cars that just drove through....much easier to let them ride the bus!!

Cheryl said...

You do have another option - walk him to school - then go home get the van - drive around Decatur until you find a street with parallel parking where there are 3 consecutive empty spaces and practice. On the next day, do the same except find 2 consecutive empty spaces. Then finally you are down to just 1 space and about 2 months to practice before it gets really too cold to walk to school. Although I walked 2 miles to school uphill both ways in ALL weather. Ha-ha-ha. Love you, Mom