What happened to "cheese"?

So I realize that I have been slacking in the blog department lately. Normally a situation occurs and I think "I should blog about that". The blog might stay in my mind for a few days until I remember to "spit it out" while working on the computer. But recently my blogs, or my could-be-blogs have been about words. By words I mean something that little J has said or words he confused or something along those lines. For some reason they are not sticking in my head, they leave before I have had a chance to spit them out. Is that my age talking? But today a friend e-mailed and asked where some recent pics were. I then was able to connect that with this story, the only "word" blog that I can remember. Maybe I just need concrete associations... Anyway, here goes:

I hope this story doesn't offend anyone or gross anyone out, but the above picture was taken during our Christmas picture photo shoot. During that time little J was becoming a little restless and as a result was saying several words instead of "cheese". Most of these words were Christmas words, such as Christmas tree, presents, snow and stockings. What we didn't see coming, as you can see from the above picture, was the next photo buzz word, which was diarrhea (of all things). Now, to give you a little background, he did have an unfortunate bout of the above illness at least a month prior to our "photo shoot". He was staying with Grandma and Grandpa and had an incident that was both messy and embarrassing for him (maybe it was more messy for Grandma). But Grandma explained that what he had was diarrhea and that people get it sometimes. She also said that its not something that we talk about often, especially around girls because they do not like to talk that kind of thing. Since then he has been very matter of fact if he mentions the D word and also showed concern if thought someone else might be experiencing it.

So I'm not sure why he brought it up in such a way that day. I guess Mommy doesn't count as a girl, he knows that Daddy will talk about most ANYTHING of that nature and that our photographer, a young male recent college grad (Jake's office mate) was all about the bathroom humor. But it got us to laugh, so I guess if cheese doesn't work next time...