The Name Game

Life was so much easier when Jonah was two and into Elmo since I already knew of Big Bird, Cookie Monster, and the Count. But now that J is almost five its getting more complicated.

Recently I've been quizzed on the alter egos of all super heroes and fail most of the time. I've got Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent down, but I cannot keep the aliases of the Flash, the Green Lantern or Robin straight. I can get away with calling Wonder Women "Princess Diana" (what is her last name???).

And to further throw me off we randomly checked out a Rescue Heroes video from the free kid shelf at the video store. I have no idea how many differnt Rescue Heros there are, but its a lot! J has this game where he gets out his 7 or so small stuffed animals and gives them all a name based on the "thing" that he is into. Elmo, Gorilla, dinosaur, and the rest then act out the story. He was so mad at me because I could ONLY think of the names of 6 heroes. Poor Beary {a stuffed bear dressed in camo) did not have a name and therefore the game just wouldn't work!