Too Many Eggs

No, this is not a trip down memory lane, this is a picture from last week, not last Easter! Somehow I ended up with 1 1/2 cartons of eat-me-now-eggs. For some reason I lose the ability to look at expiration dates when I walk across the aisle from the milk to the eggs.

So I hard boiled 17 eggs and had them cooling in a large pot. Jonah came in the kitchen and asked what I was going to do with "those eggs"? He doesn't like eggs so I wasn't really sure why he cared to know but I told him that I was thinking about making some deviled eggs. He then asked what is probably on all 4 year old's minds when they see a large pot full of WHITE eggs- can we color them? I was to tempted to give a boring mom response such as

"Its not Easter!"

but instead I asked a logical mom question "What are we going to color them with?"

He obviously wanted the creative mom response because he asked if I could find something in the cabinet.

I then remembered my childhood days when you associated coloring eggs with the strong smell of vinegar. Then I recalled my friend Lisa mentioning that her mom always just used vinegar and food coloring. I DID have those things in my cabinet! I probably could have found a more accurate recipe online but we were being creative, right? So this is what we came up with:

Homemade Egg Dye
(measurements are app., we just poured...)
3 cups (one each in yellow, blue and red- if you have it)
1/8 c. water per cup
1/3 c. vinger per cup
6 drops of food coloring per cup (we just used primary colors and then dipped our eggs in 2 cups to make more colors, or sometimes all 3 cups or the same cup twice...).

Our eggs ended up with several finger prints on them when J handled them right away, but they dried nicely. Maybe we shouldn't have added the water. Oh well, it was an experiment and kept us busy on a cold January morning!