The Rewards of Rebates

I remember my mom mailing in rebates often when we were growing up. $1.50 from the back of the pickle jar, another $2 for several soup can labels...I thought, "is it really worth all of that work to fill out the form and save all of the UPC's?" I found out now that I am a penny pincher myself that yes, it is worth it! My favorite rebates are available at Walgreen's drugstores where they have 2-7 items totally FREE each month. They make it easy, you don't have to cut a single UPC! AND you only have to fill out one form and use one stamp per month but can receive tons of rebates! You can even get another free 10% by putting your rebate money on a Walgreens gift card. The money is put directly on your card and you can check it online to see if it was added (they also send you a postcard in the mail). I'm not saying that this isn't a sale gemic because I'm sure they make money by luring us all in the stores and by those who don't bother to send in their rebate forms each month. But I haven't bought things like mouthwash, shampoo, and toothbrushes since I started my Walgreens rebate addiction a couple of year ago. So check out, just don't forget to send in your form each month!

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Schoolhouse Germs

Little J has cold #2 since starting pre-school 3 weeks ago. He has only made it for one full week (which is really just three days). One week we missed two days because of our incredibly out of control runny nose. Now its our eyes that are runny and out of control! I was sure that we had the dreaded pinkeye but the nurse said that its just a cold since his eyes aren't blood shot nor did they get "glued" together during the night (I'm thankful not to have to deal with that this time around!). He also has a little cough and just appears to feel icky, all of which has to run its course. So home we stayed today. Here's hoping that we will build up some immunity against pre-school germies before the school year is over!


The picture post was not only what happens when a 3 year old gets ahold of your camera but also what happens when somone who took her most recent computer class on a computer that took 5 1/2 inch floppys tries to post more than one picture on her blog!

I don't know how to fix it, so I'm not going to try!

A photographer in the making

What happens when a three year gets a hold of your camera (I found these when I was taking a picture of the steps). I picked out the best (there were many more):

The Money Pit

Here is a picture of the reason why our home owners insurance will cancel our policy in March if we don't add a railing. Look at the dangerously steep steps! Actually, we don't think its unreasonable that rails should be added to the steps, but we do think its unreasonable that WE are the ones to have to do it! Our house is 30 years old! No one else was told to slap some rails on the front steps anytime in the last 30 years?

We did think it was a little odd that ALL of the houses on our street, most of which are bi-levels, had rails and ours didn't...

What do I do???

Today was Jonah's first day of pre-school and I think he fared far better than I did. School was a last minute thing for us. It was something we were going to look into for NEXT year. But since we are new in town and know no one we thought it might be a good idea. We thought Jonah could use some friends and some structure. Suprisingly, he got out of the van when it was his turn (his teachers come to the curb and help unload). When I picked him up he was fine, they said he was a little sad at times but he can't wait to go back tomorrow so I'm not too worried. The part that I didn't anticipate was what to do with my time (I think I need structure and friends too). I found myself driving around looking for things to do. I ended up at the children's section of the library picking out books for Jonah! I had to force myself to go down the stairs and find something for myself. It was an odd feeling reading a magazine from cover to cover in one sitting, but I think I liked it. Maybe I'll do it again!