What do I do???

Today was Jonah's first day of pre-school and I think he fared far better than I did. School was a last minute thing for us. It was something we were going to look into for NEXT year. But since we are new in town and know no one we thought it might be a good idea. We thought Jonah could use some friends and some structure. Suprisingly, he got out of the van when it was his turn (his teachers come to the curb and help unload). When I picked him up he was fine, they said he was a little sad at times but he can't wait to go back tomorrow so I'm not too worried. The part that I didn't anticipate was what to do with my time (I think I need structure and friends too). I found myself driving around looking for things to do. I ended up at the children's section of the library picking out books for Jonah! I had to force myself to go down the stairs and find something for myself. It was an odd feeling reading a magazine from cover to cover in one sitting, but I think I liked it. Maybe I'll do it again!