The Rewards of Rebates

I remember my mom mailing in rebates often when we were growing up. $1.50 from the back of the pickle jar, another $2 for several soup can labels...I thought, "is it really worth all of that work to fill out the form and save all of the UPC's?" I found out now that I am a penny pincher myself that yes, it is worth it! My favorite rebates are available at Walgreen's drugstores where they have 2-7 items totally FREE each month. They make it easy, you don't have to cut a single UPC! AND you only have to fill out one form and use one stamp per month but can receive tons of rebates! You can even get another free 10% by putting your rebate money on a Walgreens gift card. The money is put directly on your card and you can check it online to see if it was added (they also send you a postcard in the mail). I'm not saying that this isn't a sale gemic because I'm sure they make money by luring us all in the stores and by those who don't bother to send in their rebate forms each month. But I haven't bought things like mouthwash, shampoo, and toothbrushes since I started my Walgreens rebate addiction a couple of year ago. So check out, just don't forget to send in your form each month!

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