More Gathering

We have been slowing exploring the adoption process and although we are still very confused about some issues and haven't chosen an agency yet, I feel like we are getting closer.

We have met with two very different social workers from two very different agencies. We first met with Bethany Christian Services who is a very large, well know agency. Our second meeting was with a social worker from an agency that Jake calls the "in-bred" agency. They are, of course, not in-bred, but everyone who works there is related in some way (they actually gave us a whole page explaining their relationships to each other). The are very small and local.

I left our first meeting thinking we should go with Bethany. But then I left our second meeting thinking we should go with them. I'm like the toddler who will always "picks" the last choice mentioned.

Pros, as we see them, for Bethany:
-Christian staff
-place a large number of children per year
-many programs offered (they work with many countries as well as domestic)

And the cons:
-they are big, they have prices and procedures that are set up- you have to make choices now about BIG things
-none of the above prices and procedures and choices have really been explained to us
-our social worker was nice, but quiet and I felt like we had to pull info out of her

Pros, for the small, local "family" owned agency
-I don't feel like we would be a "number", personalized service
-They answered all of our questions and went through every page with us!
-The number of waiting families is small
-We aren't rushed to make important decisions
-I really liked our friendly, open social worker who was very informative

-They placed a small number of children last year
-They are not doing a lot of international placements right now
-less experience than the larger agency
-the staff are not Christians

We are still trying to understand:
Lawyer adopt vs. agency adoption
the adoption tax law
what exactly Hague is and how it is affecting international adoption

And now Jake says he wants to meet with a THIRD agency. I'm sure that I'll want to go with them...


Jake T said...

I thought Hague was a city. Not rules. ;)

Christy said...

Jenn, I don't know if you remember me or not, I am a friend of Deena's, and I went to aerobics at New Springs a few years ago. I've been reading your blog for a while, Deena gave me the link, and I've been praying for you. I've wanted to comment for a while but I didn't want to be like a stalker. :) But I just can't not share this with you. I know of an adoption agency with AMAZING people, who are very godly and spirit filled. Here is a blog of a lady that works there as an agent:

I don't know her personally, but I know of her. Just something the Lord really put on my heart to tell you. Hope this doesn't seem too forward.

a moore said...

you probably have a ton of these but I'll throw my hat in with the rest. Jonathan sister Gretchen is adopting presently from Ethiopia. They are somewhere along in the referral process. I know that she would be happy to talk with you about how things are going with them and some procedural, price etc kind of stuff. They live in Rochester. She's at
There's a link on my site.