Hi Ike

Sadly, we got to meet Hurricane Ike up close and personal last Sunday when we came home to a soaked lower level in our bi-level home. We know, however, we are very fortunate not to live in other areas of the country where families lost much more than carpet!

Our first sign that the all day downpour had gotten into our house was the wet throw rug in our downstairs hallway. We were surprised that it was wet since our garage was dry. A quick check told us that the perimeter of our all-purpose-family-office-play room was soaked. The slip cover on our couch had lapped up water as well.

Our under-the-stairs storage closet seemed to have gotten the most water. The bottoms of boxes fell out when we moved them.

We are still waiting on someone to come and access the damage, that will hopefully take place in the morning.

In the meantime everything has been moved in our garage:

And removed the carpet (it was starting to smell):

I didn't take a picture of my newly purchased and organized plastic bins I bought for storage. Hopefully that will make things easier if this happens again, but I hope that it doesn't- what a mess!


Brooke said...

We have been fortunate not to experience a lot of water, but what water we have gotten in the basement is a mess! It smells and takes a lot of work to clean up. One day it will all be back to normal:)

a moore said...

is there something we could do about the font color? black on grey is killing me.

JennT said...

Amanda- its black on white in Firefox, but I'm sorry its giving you trouble! I tried to see if there was something I could do, I changed the title color, which was fun, but not helpful! I'll have Jake take a look!

Shelly said...

Hey girlie-be sure to check my blog. You've been "tagged" :)