Update without a Plot

Recently I am recieved a few e-mails from friends saying that they have "updated" or created a new blog and that everyone should check it out for new information. Well, I don't really have lots of new info or a new blog, but here is a little update anyway since I have been slow to blog lately (mostly for lack of a good story).

Here is some of our summer "highlights" so far:

Jake turned 30 over the weekend. The milestone didn't bother him much and he enjoyed his "bash". I did collect ALMOST 30 poems for his book of birthday poems. Thanks to all of those who wrote one (I asked 30 plus people to write a poem about Jake turning 30 and e-mail it to me so I could put them together for a fun surprise. (If you weren't asked to write a poem it wasn't because I didn't think you could write one it was probably because I didn't have your e-mail address, but I am 3 short so you CAN still write one if you want to!!!).

Our garden is huge and spilling over into the yard. I'm in the process of making relish and will tackle pickles next week. I'm expecting am explosion of cherry tomatoes any day.

Jonah has chosen this summer to not take a nap. I've been still making him "rest", which has not been restful for ME since he gets up constantly to see if its 4:00 o'clock (or whatever time I said that he could get up).

We have only been swimming ONCE this whole summer! But we did sign up for swim lessons yesterday, they start Monday and last for two weeks (maybe 8 days of the pool in a row will make up for the fact we haven't been all summer...).

Jonah is in the reading program at the library. Even though he cannot read and I am the one doing the reading, it still seems unreal that he is old enough to be in a reading program.

We have spent a lot of time at the park across the street. We have a park leader for the summer during the afternoons and Jonah loves to go and say "hi" to her. We sometimes even go for lunch or snack which is provided by the park district. Not too many kids frequent our park but Jonah enjoys when there are a few to play with.

So that's my uneventful-not blog worthy summer update (THOUGH it has been relaxing so I'm not really complaining!).


food tv junkie said...

i just want to congratulate you on becoming part of the my kid doesn't nap club. something i have tried is to set the alarm clock and tell Lucas that he can't get up until it goes off but of course if the phone rings he thinks that is the alarm going off so it's not full proof.