Advanced Development

Today Jonah made his weekly call to our family pumpkin expert, Grandma. He called to report our pumpkin status and unfortunately, my fears were confirmed. Three of our pumpkins, that are basketball size in diameter although oval in shape, are already turning orange and therefore will probably be ready for picking long before October. Jonah is ready to carve a jack-o-lantern now but personally I'll be a little annoyed if we have 10 pumpkins in August but I still have to purchase some come October (especially after they have taken over both my garden and my yard- there is a vine threaded through a tomato cage and Jake has to move another vine when he mows!)! "You might have planted them a little too soon" she said, "and your conditions were probably about perfect." Oh well, if anyone wants a Labor Day jack-o-lantern, we have you hook-up!


Jake T said...

Labor Day pumpkin. Now that's funny.