The Lunch Bully Wouldn't Say Cheese

Today Jonah and I decided to enjoy the 
warm weather and eat our lunch
outdoors. While he was finishing his 
peanut butter sandwich I got out 
the bulbs that arrived in the mail yesterday 
and began to plant them 
around the porch.  We got on a roll and 
began scattering seeds in various parts of our yard.  

When we decided to do some 
work in the back yard Jonah remembered his lunch.  
Upon going to retrieve it from 
the front we found that we were too late.  
A squirrel had discovered it and was sitting 
in the middle of the yard enjoying his prize.  
He took to a nearby tree when he saw us
and I ran for the camera (but didn't get a close
 of enough shot of the thief).  

Jonah was 
not only frustrated that the squirrel stole his 
lunch but he was also unhappy about the
fact that the bully wouldn't smile and "say cheese"!  
This squirrel, whom I'm just SURE 
is the same annoying squirrel that hangs upside
 down to eat all of the seed out of our bird 
feeder, was also not afraid to return to get 
the rest of the sandwich(which I figured had 
already been touched by him anyway...).   

Jonah not only ate the sandwich that I made
 to replace the one stolen by the squirrel-bully
faster than I have ever seen him eat anything
(so "that squirrel" wouldn't get it) but he also
slept with all of his McD Teen Age Mutant Ninga
Turtles to protect him from "that squirrel" as well!