The Easter Bunny Says Woof

So my carrot cake looks a little more like its from the canine family than it does a rabbit!  I rooted through all of little J's Egg Hunt candy to find the facial features only to find that the little packages were misleading.  The giant piece of pink gum I was going to use for the nose was really yellow and the gummy lifesavers I was planning on making eyes were in fact gummy rabbits.  But we made due and Jonah only stole the nose twice before it was finally time to eat it.


jessa said...

hey a bunny cake! my mom and i make a similar bunny cake every year. yes we still do. even though i'm 23 and it's just her and i who get excited about it. :) we also dye the pets though, so i guess my family is crazy. but you knew that :) miss you! hope you are having a beautiful day!!