Today Jonah is four, which I cannot believe!  Tonight for the first time he picked out his very own birthday dinner.  I forgot to warn Big J that we are having hot dogs and mac and cheese for supper tonight...  

Jonah can now also chew gum,  at least he is allowed to but there doesn't seem 
to be much "chewing".  

Another milestone that is marked today is that we are DONE with "sippy cups."  We have been singing a made-up song for months entitled "Bye-Bye Sippy Cups."  He is not very excited but taking it like a "big boy."  This weekend we hope to go to a "big store" (IKEA) and and pick out some new big boy cups.  

We also have blue hands today after making the final handprint for the front of our pre school scrapbook!  

Of course we had a CARS party this weekend with our families complete with racing, a race track cake, and many, many CARS presents!   He also learned the official way to open presents (see above picture) where all wrapping and tissue paper are thrown into the air and over your shoulder.  A special thanks to my brother for teaching him that skill.  Now if you could just teach him how to pedal a bike or zip our coat, that would be much more useful.

Anyway, Fabulous Four, here we come!

Singles Club for Socks

All of the single socks in our house congregate here, in the moose basket in my laundry room.  

When we moved I weeded the pairless socks out of our drawers and turned them into rags or discarded them.    We've been in our new house for barely 4 months and the basket is full.  
I was happy to find a sock that had been missing in little J's dress-up box (my fault, its a little close to his dirty clothes basket, I can understand the confusion). 
I searched through  the box in hopes of find more socks but was sadly unsuccessful.  

I'm really led to believe that it is this house, and not just that "our dryer is eating our socks".  My mom says that we have a black hole and I often hear myself saying, "there will be a prize if you find daddy's hat (or your shoe, or the camera cable, or the laptop battery)."  Some of these things have been found but some are like the missing socks, lost in our mysterious black hole.

Under the Kitchen Sink

Here it is, my new garbage disposal.  I take back most of the things that I've said about my husband not being very handy (many of you may remember an earlier post, entitled
The Washing Machine Saga).  It only took him 3 trips to the store and I was without a sink for just half a day!  I am not complaining because I missed this modern convience since we've moved into our new house that was without one.   He even rushed home on his lunch hour to add the missing pipe so I would have a sink to use when I cooked dinner that night!  My hero!  

Now our trash smells much fresher and clean-up is much easier.