Singles Club for Socks

All of the single socks in our house congregate here, in the moose basket in my laundry room.  

When we moved I weeded the pairless socks out of our drawers and turned them into rags or discarded them.    We've been in our new house for barely 4 months and the basket is full.  
I was happy to find a sock that had been missing in little J's dress-up box (my fault, its a little close to his dirty clothes basket, I can understand the confusion). 
I searched through  the box in hopes of find more socks but was sadly unsuccessful.  

I'm really led to believe that it is this house, and not just that "our dryer is eating our socks".  My mom says that we have a black hole and I often hear myself saying, "there will be a prize if you find daddy's hat (or your shoe, or the camera cable, or the laptop battery)."  Some of these things have been found but some are like the missing socks, lost in our mysterious black hole.


Jonathan said...

Yep, the same thing happens to us, only I think that the missing socks may have either feared traveling from their home in Illinois or simply found Chicago, Los Angeles or Singapore more suited to their tastes and quietly slipped from our luggage.

I keep thinking that if we buy one more wardrobe or dresser or set of shelves, we'll finally figure out where everything is. But that will only leave the socks more places to hide