All Trees Are Apple Trees

My friend Brooke and I recently had the conversation concerning the quality of "education" our toddlers are getting at home verses being in a pre-school. We agreed that except for the social aspect, you can have every educational opportunity at home that you can at a pre-school (and have a one to one ratio). She wasn't sure what to plan and I wasn't motivated, so we got together to plan a fun, educational, apple-themed September. We planned many of the same activities although we do them separtely (we had plans to do some things together, but that didn't work out). Jonah and I painted apples on trees, we counted apples, and read books about apples. We worked on all of our colors this month too. For some reason Jonah gets pink and red confused, his favorite is orange and purple, and he almost never confuses gray, brown, black and white.

I think his favorite activities (and mine too) were picking our own apples and then making "apple pie (it was really apple crisp)" afterwards.

Here is Jonah at this little family owned orchard that we found.


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