The Good, the Bad and the Incredibly Inconvenient

(of moving into our new house)

So after living in Illinois for over three months we have finally moved into our own house. We appreciated the generosity of my parents for letting us stay at their house while Jake job hunted and then house hunted, but are glad to be "on our own" again. Here is what is happening:
We live right across the street from a little park. We haven't got to play there too much due to the rain, snow and cold temps, but we're enjoying the idea of it at least.

We have really nice neighbors right next door. They have grown children our age and we don't mind at all that they are a little parental towards us!

We have this great bar/island in our kitchen. Its a great place for Jonah to keep busy. He'll sit and color, help me bake, play with play dough and do other various activities. I love the easy clean-up and we can "hang-out" in the kitchen together and both "get stuff done."

We have three bathrooms! Although that means I have 3 to clean its still nice after sharing one at my parent's house!

We live really close to a shopping center that has everything I need: Wal-mart, Walgreens, Aldi's, Deals, our bank and Jonah has even seen a doctor that I really like there!

Hmmmm...the bad. I think the bad is the basic stuff that comes with buying an almost thirty year old house: you keep finding things to fix! So far we need to think about fixing/replacing:
roof ( in five years?? We're not sure)

water heater and furnace (both are old but still in working order. They are however covered by the home warranty that our seller's purchased so we are praying that they break in the next 12 months!)

our shower- I found a crack in the floor when I was cleaning it. Unfortunalty, the home inspector missed it (It is NOT covered by our warranty)

our gutter needs to be reattached or something of the sort.

our front door is VERY drafty because the molding around it hasn't been finished

our doorbell (no DING)

Its COLD here! We visited Arkansas for the weekend and couldn't believe how warm it was! Jonah was so excited not to have to wear a coat (so were we).

Speaking of cold, due to the ice storm that we had we just yesterday got internet service and a home phone. They are still not working so well...

We haven't found a church yet and we're not have much fun anymore looking for one. Its very hard for Jonah to visit a new class each week.

And, the worse part is, we are still friendless (def.- without friends). I find myself talking to people in line at Aldi's a lot more than I used to!!!

Here's our new place:

Come and see us!


Karen said...

Jenn, that's a BEAUTIFUL house! :) I love the kitchen. Congratulations on it!

Where are you living now in IL? If you're in the Peoria area, I can recommend a great church.

And I understand the no friend took me a loooooong time to adapt after moving to Kentucky. (I still am, actually!)

Johnny D said...

I would visit, but Decatur is SO far away...hehe

Claudia said...

You have an island! soooooooo cool! You have no friends? me tooooooooo!!!!!! It's cold? Man, I can relate! It got down to like 58 today! yikes! It was kinda hard walking around Sea World when it was that cold! ;)

a moore said...

The apt. we have has an awesome island, @ and I live there. I just cleaned it off for the night of colored beads, crayons, writing papers, recorder, cookie crumbs, and of course christmas cards.

yeah, no church means no friends. Be careful though, try to find a church in the town you live in. Make sure that the church has people living in your town. Otherwise, you have a church but no friends that will really be close friends because there in another town and its inconvenient. No friends (in person friends) really stinks.

JennT said...

Claudia- For THAT I'm going have to get on a plane and tell you in person what I think of ya!!! =)