We'll Never Learn

I have two updates since my most recent post concerning Jonah and the way that he interprets adult speech.

One- He was talking to my mom and she stopped to enter the bathroom. He started to follow her in and she asked him to wait OUTSIDE. He broke out into tears and said "But Daddy said I can't go outside."

Two- Today Jonah was trying to get down from his seat without eating any of his lunch (which is typical). So, I don't know what I was thinking but said, "Are you going to eat lunch or run around like a crazy man?" He very seriously answered, "Run around like a crazy man", like I was really giving him options and that was what he was choosing!


ireallylikefootball said...

awww! i miss you and jonah SO much! it sounds like he's growing up! make sure he doesn't forget me!

JennT said...

He talks about you, Jen, and "Jen's Work" all of the time. He was the one who wanted to call you last night! So have no fear, he definitly still remembers you!!!