You Got to Move It, Move It

(title inspired by Jonah's favorite movie theme song)

We packed up, rented a big truck, and moved to Illinois a couple of weeks ago. Jonah was a big help and loved riding in the truck with Daddy. Now Jonah can spot a Penske truck from a couple of blocks away!

We are so glad to finally be here without too many mishaps. Our truck ended up not working well and had to be replaced, fortunatly we realized that before we loaded up more than the dryer. And then we had to wait several hours for them to bring us a new one (I guess it takes some time to tow a 26 foot truck from Joplin). But that was no battle for our 16 friends who showed up to pack us up, they had all of our junk loaded in two hours!

And we are now safely settled in my parents house and our things are in Stanbery Storage (my parent's garage). Jonah and I are trying to keep busy while Jake continues the job hunt!

We can we reached at our old cell phone number so give us a call (we won't make you move our stuff)!


a moore said...

Jonathan just asked if the title of your blog posts were "so take that"!

ireallylikefootball said...

i miss you guys!