Librarian induced meltdown

So today I took Jonah to pre-school because I'm determined to keep him on some sort of schedule. But then I had this time on my hands and ended up at the library. I thought it might be good to pick up a book or two since I'm suppose to be taking it easy and I'm running out of episodes of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. I soon found out that I had a $12.65 fine for a Veggie Tale video that I forgot to return. I just can't believe that in the midst of my life crashing down that I forgot to return The Minnesota Cuke. Please. I paid that fine with only a few sniffles but then she proceeded to spell out carefully to me when my books are due, so this doesn't happen again. Come on, I am a responsible homemaker who gets embarassed over things like over due library books. So I therefore apologize to my mother-in-law and grandparents who are probably reading this, but really I couldn't help but think of a few things the librarian could do with that particular video. It was really everything I could do not to have a melt down. But then I got home after picking up Jonah and had FTD flowers from SE Asia on my front porch so I felt better. Thanks Jon and Amanda-you just saved a innocent librarian from my (equally innocent and non-harmful) wrath.


Monkey Toes said...

Why is it that some librarians can be so stuffy? Not so long ago the librarian rudely told me that Ryan couldn't sit on the counter (really propped with my hand on him) while I ran our books through the return scanner. I guess I could have put him on the floor because I only had my hands full of books and barbie stuff and diapers. I wanted to stick my tongue out at her and say bllllll!! :O)

Brooke said...

Sure makes me feel better that other moms have the same issue with librarians. I always feel like they look at me and wonder what my child is going to do. I feel so guilty when we have fines from the petty 10 cents to $15 (maybe higher..) Now I just try to be extra friendly which usually only makes them more angry.

Sarah Anne said...

If it makes you feel better, I once had a library fine of $100 and some. I felt terrible, mainly b/c I didn't want to shell out the $$$ and because Chadwick was not too happy with me. The librarian, however could not of been more happy to take my check!

By the way- I just returned 2 books to the library that you need to check out and read. Realistic Fiction- humorous single mom w/ 4 kids... "Leave it to Claire" is the title of one of them, I can't remember the author. They are new to the library so they are in the new section. :<)